Friday, September 24, 2010

Ever Wonder if Emotions Cause Cancer...?

The following list shows some of the relationships between conflict emotions and target organs for cancer.

Adrenal Cortex: Wrong Direction. Gone Astray
Bladder: Ugly Conflict. Dirty Tricks
Bone: Lack of Self-Worth. Inferiority Feeling
Brain: Tumor Stubborness. Refusing to Change Old Patterns. Mental Frustration
Breast (Milk Gland): Involving Care or Disharmony
Breast (Milk Duct): Separation Conflict
Breast (Left): Conflict Concerning Child, Home, or Mother
Breast (Right): Conflict with Partner or Others
Bronchioles: Territorial Conflict
Cervix: Severe Frustration
Colon: Ugly Indigestible Conflict
Esophagus: Cannot Have it or Swallow it
Gall Bladder: Rivalry Conflict
Heart: Perpetual Conflict
Intestines: Indigestible Chunk of Anger
Kidneys: Not Wanting to Live. Water or Fluid Conflict
Larynx: Conflict of Fear and Fright
Liver: Fear of Starvation
Lungs: Fear of Dying or Suffocation, including Fear for Someone Else
Lymph Glands: Loss of Self-Worth associated with the Location
Melanoma: Feeling Dirty, Soiled, Defiled
Middle Ear: Not being able to get some Vital Information
Mouth: Cannot Chew It or Hold It
Pancreas: Anxiety-Anger Conflict with Family Members. Inheritence
Prostate: Ugly Conflict with Sexual Connections or Connotations
Rectum: Fear of Being Useless
Skin: Loss of Integrity
Spleen: Shock of Being Physically or Emotionally Wounded
Stomach: Indigestible Anger. Swallowed Too Much
Testes and Ovaries: Loss Conflict
Thyroid: Feeling Powerless
Tumor (in location): Nursing old Hurts and Shocks. Building Remorse
Uterus: Sexual Conflict

Cancer occurs at the cellular level. And there are a number of factors that create stress on the body's cells, causing them to become (1) depleted of adrenaline, (2) high in sugar and (3) low in oxygen, where they are more prone to mutate and become cancerous. The higher the sugar content of the cell caused by a depletion of adrenaline, and the lower the oxygen content, the greater the likelihood of normal cells mutating and becoming cancerous.

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