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Wild Carrot Fertility Study 2009

Wild Carrot Fertility Study 2009

Posted: 17 Aug 2008 12:47 PM CDT

Herbalists Robin Rose Bennett and Mischa Schuler are beginning a two part national study of Wild Carrot (Daucus carota) seeds and flowers. The two-fold purpose of the study is first to demonstrate the effectiveness of Wild Carrot flower and seed tincture as a “morning-after” herb for natural, conscious contraception and second to investigate the effectiveness of wild carrot used cyclically to promote healthy conception and pregnancy.

If you are interested in participating in either branch of this study, please contact Robin at ( and/or Mischa at (

The potential participant form will be e-mailed or mailed out to you upon request.

They are also teaching a class on Wild Carrot at the Women’s Herbal Conference in Peterborough, NH, August 22-24 (

Friday, August 8, 2008

Toothaches and Chinese Meridians...

Ever wonder if your toothache has something to do with what's going on in your body...?

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Herbs To Fight Infection


Herbal therapy can be effective and all-encompassing in overcoming many kinds of infections. As anti-bacterial agents, herbs contain powerful natural substances to flush and cleanse the lymph glands, allowing the body to process out harmful pathogenic wastes. Herbs are effective internally in overcoming both acute and chronic infections, and externally as poultices or compresses, to draw out poisons or infection through the skin.

Herbal anti-biotic compounds are also beneficial when used in conjunction with other therapeutic herbal formulas to increase their efficacy, especially at the beginning or acute stages of an illness. Success has been particular in cases of oncoming colds and fever, swollen glands, bronchitis, inflamed lung and chest ailments, heavy post-nasal drip, low grade throat and sinus infections, and “hanging on” infective conditions, where the body can’t seem to “get over” a problem.

Herbal anti-viral compounds have had notable success against the strong, pernicious viruses that cause many of today’s serious illnesses. Severe flu and viral infections such as AIDS, HPV and viral warts are becoming increasingly prevalent and insidious in America, as air and soil pollutants, chemical foods and preservatives, over-use of drugs and generally poor nutrition lower our immune defenses. These progressively virulent viruses do not respond to medical anti-biotics, and many people have been prostrated for weeks at a time, unable to overcome them. Herbal anti-viral combinations have been effective when anti-biotic drugs were not.

Anti-fungal combinations are beneficial in cases of chronic athletes foot, thrush, nail fungus, and persistent vaginitis. Fungus conditions are often caused or aggravated by poor enzyme function, (sometimes a result of too much caffeine in the diet) and the lack of friendly intestinal flora in the digestive tract. Herbs can effectively address both of these needs, with the concentrated strength to remedy the problem more rapidly than dietary methods alone.

Combinations in this section to control infection are effective in the following circumstances and conditions:


Areas for formulation should include:
1) Herbs to overcome bacterial infection
2) Herbs to fight viral infection
3) Herbs to overcome fungal infections
4) Herbs to help overcome chronic colds
5) Herbs to fight flu infections

Source: How To Be Your Own Herbal Phamacist by Linda Rector-Page, N.D., Ph.D.

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