Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Terms of the trade - Alternatives


They are also known as blood purifiers and they are used in treating toxicity of the blood, infections, arthritis, cancer and skin eruptions.

They do not possess a single drug-like action that works only in specific areas, such as the lymphatic circulation or the skin, but their actions are general, systemic and broad-spectrum.

These are herbs that gradually restore proper function to the body; increasing health and vitality. Some support waste elimination processes via the kidneys, liver, lungs, or skin. Others stimulate digestive function or provide antimicrobial actions, while others simply work!

Examples of alternatives:
Red Clover is used to treat cancer because of its effects on protein assimilation.
Echinacea is used to neutralize acid conditions in the blood associated with a stagnation of lymphatic fluids.
Sarsaparilla may be used when diuretic properties are needed, as with infections.
Dandelion root combines hepatic tonic properties and diuretic properties and is particularly useful for treating chronic problems of blood toxicity.
Elder flowers have diaphoretic properties and are used to purify the blood during treatment of colds and flus.

Herbal healing works!

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