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The natural healing world has concentrated intensely on cancer and degenerative diseases such as M.S., muscular dystrophy, and lupus in the past few years, and has learned much about how to deal with these often unnecessary killers. Even though today’s statistics show that 30% of all Americans will contract some kind of cancer in their lives, new evidence is indicating that 90% of all cancer, and most degenerative disease, is environmentally caused and therefore preventable.

These diseases are opportunistic, attacking when immune defenses and bloodstream health are low or toxic. Most are caused or aggravated by poor nutrition. Accumulated nutrient deficiencies develop over a long period of time – too many refined foods, fats and red meats; too little fiber, fresh foods, and food-source vitamins and minerals. These deficiencies eventually change body chemistry. The immune system cannot defend properly when biochemistry is altered. It can’t tell its own cells from invading toxic cells, and sometimes attacks everything, or nothing, in confusion. Many cancers respond well to nutritional improvement.

Degenerative diseases seem to make the body crave deficient de-mineralized foods; starving them out feels like any drug withdrawal. The fight against this isn’t easy, but as healthy cells rebuild, the cravings subside. They also seem to live and grow in the unreleased waste and mucous in the body. Avoid red meats, pork, fried foods, sugars, caffeine and preserved or colored foods of all kinds, and foods sprayed with heavy pesticides. They deprive the body of oxygen use, and provide little to no usable nutrition for building healthy cells and tissue. These foods clog the system, and vital organs cannot cleanse enough of the waste to maintain health. Also avoid continuous use of antacids! They interfere with enzyme production, and the body’s ability to carry off heavy metal toxicity.

LOVE YOUR LIVER! It is the main organ to keep clean and working well. The liver is a powerful chemical plant in the body that can keep the immune system going, healthy red blood cells forming, and oxygen in the bloodstream and tissues.

A viable answer to these conditions seems to lie in promoting and environment where cancer and degenerative disease can’t live; and where inherent immunity can remain effective. These diseases do not seem to grow or take hold where oxygen and minerals (particularly potassium) are high in vital body fluids. Vegetable proteins and amino acids in the body allow maximum use and assimilation of body oxygen and minerals. Regular exercise is almost a “cancer defense” in itself, as it also enhances oxygen use, and accelerates passage of material through the colon.

Herbs are very effective against cancer and degenerative disease, both as part of a healing and control program, and as a preventive against recurrence.

It is vitally important to follow a concentrated program when addressing these diseases, incorporating several aspects of natural healing diet, exercise, enemas, vitamin therapy and herbs all need to be coordinated for there to be remission. A concerted effort is necessary for at least six months to a year. Don’t become discouraged, no matter how many times you must return to the beginning juice and raw foods diets. Many people have beaten these “incurable” problems. Success is very possible.

Combinations in this section to overcome cancer and control degenerative disease are also effective in the following conditions:

Areas for formulation should include:
1) Detoxifying herbs for elimination support and cleansing acceleration
2) Liver cleansing and stimulating herbs to stabilize blood composition and deter cancer cell proliferation
3) Herbs to help rebuild healthy new blood and replace diseased tissue

Degenerative disease is often created or allowed by the accumulation and saturation of toxic matter in the body, throwing defense mechanisms and vitality out of balance. Liquid fasting for detoxification is a well-documented therapeutic method that works particularly will in reversing disease of this kind. The success of this technique acknowledges the intelligence of the human body as a self-healing entity. An elimination fast, especially with alkalizing juices and herbs allows the body in its wisdom to decompose substances and tissue that are damaged, diseased or unneeded, such as abscesses, tumors, and congestive waste, etc. Fasting also seems to release immune-stimulating hormone secretions which augment the infection and disease-fighting process.

courtesy of How To Be Your Own Herbal Pharmacist by Linda Rector-Page, N.D., Ph.D.

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