Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meridians and Reflexology

The concept of energy channels is the central point around which the practices of reflexology and acupuncture are based. Both function on the premise that vital energy is channelled through the body along specific pathways. In acupuncture, these energy lines are the meridians. In reflexology, as has been perceived to date, the energy channels are those of the zones popularized by Dr. W. Fitzgerald.

Both practices assert that disease is caused by blockages in energy channels. The acupuncture points, situated all over the body, are usually stimulated or sedated with needles. Reflexology concentrates mainly on the feet, but can also work on the hands, ears or other parts of the body, stimulating with specific finger pressure techniques the reflex areas as well as the sections of meridians situated here.

~~ Courtesy of The New Reflexology by Inge Dougans

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